Are you ready to lose weight & feel great?  Do you have a busy life with limited extra time for exercise or complicated diet plans?

We can help you with that!

We are a PRIVATE  TRAINING STUDIO, ready to guide you to your fit and healthy life with just what you need!
30 MINUTE WORKOUTS, real food nutrition and accountability!


Beginning a new program can be overwhelming, so we made it simple with our 3-STEP APPROACH to YOUR SUCCESSFUL KICK START!
  1. Step 1 begins with a Health & Fitness Consultation to get a good understanding of your goals, and recognize your physical and nutritional starting point.
  2. Step 2 is you working with your trainer and our nutritionist to keep you moving in safe, yet challenging ways, as well as understanding real whole food nutritional choices.
  3. Step 3 is the 12 week check-in to see and understand the areas of progress you have been experiencing.
Call to book your start date!

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Not only did I see my body transform before my eyes, but I acquired knowledge about the body and building muscle that I never had before. Their trainers are professional, motivating, incredibly knowledgeable, and have the ability to push you further than you would have ever thought you could go! 

Allison, 42 yrs

My life has truly changed for the better because of LiV!  It has been three years with Shirley at LiV, my training sessions are fun and challenging and go by so fast! I love talking nutrition with her, and I love the amazing friends I have met in the LiV community! My life has truly changed for the better because of LiV!

Lui, 61 yrs

The more you LiV, the more you’ll love life! I became part of the LiV family about 5 years ago, and it energized me beyond my expectations! A great place with great staff and clients. As soon as you walk in you feel energy and excitement in a friendly, clean and welcoming environment. I recently had a hip replacement surgery, and the care, kindness and attention pre and post-surgery lent to a speedy recovery. Make LiV part of your life and enjoy more of what’s out there!






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    1. Thanks Tony! We really believe in our fitness/nutrition concept. Keeping it very personal, attentive and goal focused for our clients.

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