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A private boutique facility to transform your lifestyle and live a longer healthier life.

Classes & Programs

Class Schedule
Class Schedule

Tuesday    BodyWorks    11am – 12pm

Tuesday    Spin    7 – 8pm

Wednesday    Yoga    7 – 8pm

Thursday    Pump & Grind    7 – 8pm

Saturday    FitCamp    9 – 10am

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Spinning is a 60 minute cardiovascular class led by a certified instructor, coordinating  and visualizations, taking you through an exciting cycling journey.

Yoga-Stretch offers a calming blend of Yoga poses and Athletic stretches in a small group setting.

Pump & Grind is 30 minutes of Spin Class and 30 minutes of Boot Camp (circuit training).  A fun and challenging hour that will fly by.

FitCamp.  What better way to wake up and begin your weekend than challenging your core, your cardio and a little bit of muscle.


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I have spent a fair amount of time in gyms.  And anytime I walk in I see all sorts of body types and shapes.


If you are thinking of joining a gym please do not think that everyone there is really fit and muscular or that they are all overweight or god forbid that only certain types of people workout.


The truth is that everyone should be working out.


Here is why.


Weight loss gets all the headlines of working out but there are far more benefits to exercise. And here is a short list of some things to consider.

Better mood

Better gut function

Better looking skin

Higher productivity

Stronger bones

Tougher immune system

Longer lifespan

More muscle


Not exercising comes with a cost.  For example, the heavier you are the more weight you have to deal with in your daily activities and if you muscles are weak that’s more exertion your body has to deal with.

Things like this may seem trivial but they stack up and the short term result is feeling a little more tired and little more drawn out day to day.


Exercise slows these factors and helps your body release hormones that keep you happy and productive.





Okay, you missed a day……  Truthfully you didn’t really miss it.  You skipped it.  You were enjoying the kids at home.  You had family come over.  Your favorite move was playing.

Life happens.   We aren’t here to judge you for your taste in movies.. but you need to get back on track.

How are you going to do that?

Here is how:

#1 don’t beat yourself up

Missing that one day or week will not derail you from your fitness goal it simply pushes it out a little further.  You might be worried that this laps may be the beginning of a bad habit.

This feeling is normal…. It is a sign that you acknowledge that you goals matter to you.

Don’t let this blip rattle your resolve..

Own up to your “Whoopsie”, then move on.  Dwelling on it is a waste of time and energy and wont help you get back on track.

#2 own your “whoopsie”

Don’t romanticize your day off.  Don’t tell yourself you earned it or that you deserve it.

What you do deserve is that goal you have in your head.  The goal you are going to earn.

The point here is to keep yourself accountable.  This does not mean punish yourself by feeling bad.  It means get back to task, even when the goal and journey is difficult.

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The struggle to get and remain healthy, active, mobile and pain free is real. We have created a private boutique facility to give you a safe and more intimate exercise experience. Let LiV’s expertise and experience help you set goals, then meet and exceed them in both fitness as well as weight loss. With the proper guidance and threw smart coaching you can expect amazing results.

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