when things go wrong….. as they some times will…..

Have you ever had your whole day planned out and your “to do” list ready to tackle, and then something happens? Maybe your child is sick, your basement floods, your password to your website doesn’t work, or the watermain breaks at your studio location and you have a full afternoon of clients…. Hopefully it’s only one thing that messes up your day, and not a few, as listed above.

It’s happening to me right now. Not sick kids or a flooded basement, but my password apparently requires “authentication” (where’s my business partner when I need him?), and we have a watermain break at the studio. I was thinking I would get computer work done at home before heading into the studio and a packed afternoon/evening with clients, which I might need to now cancel. I was stopped. Dead in my tracks. What do you do when this happens to you? Does this rattle you with irritation, or do you just move right along to the next best thing to accomplish?

I believe when life gives you lemons you can either make lemonade and roll with it, add a twist with a shot of vodka and switch gears, or stomp on that lemon and completely crush it.

If you feel like crushing it, find a way to take a few moments to re-group. This might be a perfect time for a bit of yoga, meditation, or to ponder a few things to be grateful for, in spite of the speedbumps you’re dealing with. Are you a person who needs to get rid of your “Grrrr”? Maybe grab a quick workout and pound it out in a run or interval strength training. You’ll likely feel so much better after!

Adding the bit of vodka might look a bit like changing your outlook for the day. If what you are doing can wait until tomorrow, maybe call up a friend or your mom and head to the mall to do some retail therapy or grab lunch together.

Or, keep it simple and drink the lemonade. I just read this morning that to reduce our stress around situations, we can choose how to act, or react, to the issue. Let’s face it, there are things that are out of our control, but we don’t need to let the issue control us. When allowing it to do so we get into that “fight or flight” reaction that only drains our adrenals, energy, and total outlook for the moment.  Why give it that much power? You might not be control of your whole day, your focus just had to change a little due to circumstance.

When we choose to react, it tends to be quick and with frustration. Not much gets accomplished this way. When choosing to act we can still get things done. Maybe not exactly what you were planning, but your day isn’t ruined, it’s just different than you envisioned. You might even find a hidden blessing or two tucked into the change….and those blessings are the best because they are unexpected.