the rafiki moment

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Yes! The Lion King Live is coming to a theatre near you in 8 months! I can’t wait! I’ve watched it on VHS with my niece and nephew, DVD with my kids, and even took my mom and daughter to see the live musical in Toronto….. I LOVE the Lion King! Just hearing and seeing it being announced on a news entertainment segment yesterday got my daughter and I excitedly talking about it.

Who’s your favourite character? So many will say Simba, Nala, Timon or Pumba. And trust me, they are all great. But for me, it’s Rafiki, the “creepy little monkey”, as Simba referred to him. He speaks so much truth to Simba. It’s awesome! As many of you know, he brings Simba on an emotional reality check back in time, a type of vision quest. He helps Simba see, that even though, as a young cub, some choices and comments were made that changed his life dramatically, he still has a journey and path to follow that can lead him to his role of leadership and family.

This was the best part! It always makes me think back over my life. Yes, I have made some awesome decisions! And in many ways my life is truly blessed. But, I have also made some questionable ones. They might not have been life altering, but they definitely had put me in a mindset of doubting who I am and what I can become. Do I deserve success? Am I good enough? Can I make my way back to the path where I can make a difference in other peoples’ lives? How about you? Are you destined to stay on your current path because any goodness you had is all part of your past?

Here is where Rafiki smacks Simba on the head with his Bakora staff, aka, his walking stick. Simba is obviously not impressed. Who would be? But Rafiki says that it doesn’t matter….because now that a few moments have passed, it’s all in the past. I love this part. I call it, “The Rafiki moment.” The past can hurt, but you can either run from it, or learn from it.

Facing our past can be difficult. Running from it often seems the easier thing to do. Making the decision to face it, work through it, grow from it and move forward can be heart wrenching, but so rewarding on the other side. I believe we were meant for greatness. Every one of us. I’m still learning this part too.

We weren’t meant to be small and just exist. We all had dreams, talents and passions when we were young. The great thing about your life is you get to be in charge of it. Look back a bit. Connect with that person you remember that longed for something. Go find it. Dig it up, work hard on it, and celebrate it! Be the person that the good Lord designed you and gifted you to be. Be completely you because you can!