out train a bad diet?!?

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Can I Out Train A Bad Diet?

Exercise is a beautiful thing! Whether you agree with that statement or not, the body you are living in was designed for you to move it, and getting moving in the form of exercise is a strong recommendation that is given to people who want to lose weight, “tone up” and feel better.

As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Personal Trainer I see clients two to three times a week to do just that.  I work with them to increase their heart rate, challenge their muscles and get sweating. Some also exercise outside of scheduled workouts by doing cardio as well. People are so willing to push their bodies through their work outs week in and week out. This can result in some positive changes such as the scale changing a bit, feeling stronger, increased energy, and maybe even clothes fitting a bit better. But for so many, the scale doesn’t really reflect all the hard work they put in. The big question is why?

The secret to successful weight loss boils down to what you choose to put in your mouth. Yes, sadly this is very true. You cannot out train bad nutrition! You can choose to workout in challenging ways, even daily, but if you are not willing to consistently change your food to healthy options your body and weight likely won’t change much. It’s not even always about eating less, but more about eating less of the “bad” stuff, and focusing more on the “good” stuff.

Eating healthy, nutritious whole foods, likely the way your Oma/Gramma/Nonna/Nana made them, is THE best way for you to get control of your body and steer it in a vibrant direction. 70% of your weight loss goal lies in what you choose to put in your mouth. Exercise is vital for health, but only makes up 30% of the success you are striving for.

People are very willing to pound on their bodies regularly with exercise, yet their connection to the poor foods and drinks that are part of their diet plan and lifestyle is what is keeping them from achieving their goals.  We have to recognize that when putting top grade fuel and oil in your car, or feeding your pet premium foods, we are fueling them to perform well and last. Why aren’t you doing the same for yourself?

This includes white flour based foods, processed packaged foods, pop, sugary drinks, alcohol, restaurant foods, fatty cuts of meat, fat free dairy….. the list goes on and on…. What fruit do you eat? Do you eat enough good fats? Is your protein in proper portion sizes? Does your plate consist of at least 50% vegetables two meals a day? Do you drink enough water, or are you fueled on coffee, energy drinks and alcohol? All these things factor into your weight loss goals.

So, please, keep moving and challenging your body! It has an impact! But for real impact, clean up your eating! You’re an adult, which means no one can force feed you cheap quality fuel if you don’t agree to put it in your mouth. Is the change hard? Likely for some. In time however, your body will respond, and along with that strength you are gaining from your workouts, you will feel even better. Choose mostly the foods that are truly fit for your fork!


Shirley VanEgmond RHN, PTS