Never Stop Listening

Shirley Van Egmond, weight loss nutrition

Shirley Van Egmond, weight loss nutritionWhen your body speaks to you, do you hear it? Do you stop to listen, or continue on your way, thinking that your body is “just like that” sometimes?

There are clear messages that will stop us in our tracks, like sudden high fever, diarrhea, vomiting or extreme sore throat. We need to stop everything and crawl in bed to rest. But what about those nagging, ongoing softer messages? The repeat headaches, earaches, joint pains, routine bouts of loose stool and cramping, acid reflux, acne break outs, rashes or feelings of exhaustion. Sometimes we just pop an advil, Tylenol or Pepto Bismol, get medication creams and keep going on with our day, assuming that’s just the way our body is, and not giving a second thought that there might be something underlying going on that we are ignoring.

Recently I heard of someone who didn’t listen to his body. It was speaking clearly that something was wrong, but he chose to diminish and ignore the messages. He suddenly ended up with serious issues that had him admitted to the hospital, where he sadly passed away 3 short weeks later. His health issues might not have gone away should he have gone to his doctor, but it might have been very possible to extend his life if he had. Sadly, he left behind family and friends who will miss him terribly, and wish he had been more pro-active with his health.

Many of us have lived in or have heard of situations similar to this, and can empathize with them. But we can also learn from them. Learn to do better, to be more accountable to ourselves and our loved ones. We get one life, and one body to live it in. We need to respect that fact and show a level of responsibility for our own personal health. Whether that means regular check-ups with your doctor, scheduling with a Naturopathic doctor, seeing a Chiropractor or RMT, making better choices around the food, drinks, activities and the attitudes we carry. All of these things affect our health and wellbeing in positive or negatives ways.


Hopefully your life is filled with joy, blessings, adventure and loved ones. It likely will contain goals, challenges, failures and accomplishments. Should you feel that something is off, and your plan is to live to a ripe old age, then follow that feeling in your gut and do something about it. Your life isn’t there just for your own benefit, it’s there for your loved ones too. They want what’s best for you, and they want you around, because when you choose not to listen to those signs and become ill, it affects them too. I strongly encourage you to become your own personal health advocate. Be observant with eyes, ears and feelings to first of all, pay attention to your personal conversations with your body, and moving forward from there, act on those messages to insure a life of health and wellbeing for yourself.