Living like a Vacuum cleaner

What does your vacuum cleaner do for you? Easy question, right? It cleans up messes and hold onto that mess until it can be properly disposed in the garbage. It does all this by sucking up every bit dirt, scraps and dust bunny that has settled onto your floors, stairs and furniture, along with any loose change or valuables that might have landed on those surfaces needing to be cleaned.

Life can be quite the same. We are busy in our day, doing our thing, when a situation arises that requires us to stop everything, change mental and physical gears, and clean things up. This can happen randomly, or numerous times a day. It can involve work, kids, your partner, parents, pets, and even ourselves. Every time we are forced to change gears we are using up precious energy. We so willingly give of ourselves, which is great, but we also then easily end up “sucking up” the “mess”, which often equates to stress, carrying it with us as we move forward, and that can be exhausting!

How do you handle those situations? Is it easy to jump from what you are focused on, do a quick switch of gears onto another task, and then back to your previous task? If you can, awesome! If you are like most of us, it eats away at our energy, just like the valuables that sometimes end up sucked into the vacuum cleaner because they fell onto the surface being cleaned up. All these bits of energy that we contribute to clean ups can easily begin to suck the life out of you, as a vacuum cleaner does.

Mindfulness is needed on how much energy we give up to the little, or big, crisis that are part of life, and how often we allow ourselves to be the person who has to deal with them. Even more important, how we learn to handle the associated stress that comes along with it. Do you release your stresses daily, or carry it with you until the weekend comes and you can dump it in the “trash”? And to go with that, how do you dump it? Does it get released in a way that is positive and mindful, or does it get to be so much that it becomes an even bigger mess for the person you dump it on to clean up?

No one wants to feel like their life has been sucked out of them. We all need avenues to let go of our stress. For some a rigorous run, bike ride or workout helps. For some its yoga, colouring or puzzles. Others prefer meditation, prayer, journaling or reading. It doesn’t matter what it is, it just matters that you have a positive way to let it all go.