Nutrition By Shirley

Are you ready to take control your health?
What you discover will amaze you!

Nutritional coaching and meal plan support with Shirley Suk-Van Egmond, our REGISTERED HOLISTIC NUTRITIONIST.

Shirley will teach you the relationship between diet and health by looking at your current food choices and lifestyle routines, discovering how they affect your health. Nutrition By Shirley is dedicated to education and empowerment. You will learn about your body’s unique nutritional needs with Shirley’s guidance, as you assess the everyday nagging symptoms you are experiencing. It might be weight gain, acid reflux, bloating, bowel function, fatigue, restless sleep, inflammation, aches and pain, painful monthly cycles or frustrating menopausal symptoms. Everyone and every body is different.

The goal is to restore who you are and how you feel, as you make strides towards optimal health.  We will focus to improve eating habits, learning the best ways to fuel your body. Within days you will likely feel better, with increased energy, less cravings and hot flashes, and you fitting better in your clothes! Get ready to feel refreshed, happy and healthy with a life that will keep you moving forward on your journey to optimal living!

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Lose Weight & Feel Great the Healthy Way!

“As a Holistic Nutritionist, I am committed to guide you through a path that will bring the results you are looking for. Will it require diligence? Yes, however, no one said the road to feeling great was easy, but I’m telling you, it will be worth it!”  – Shirley