Keep your Eyes on Your Fries

personal training, nutrition

When we look at diets there are so many to choose from. Every year there seem to be more ways to look at food, picking it apart, and choosing what we feel right about eating and not eating. Everyone’s body is different, as is everyone’s palate. No single diet is going to work for everyone, or interest everyone. No one is going to argue when a person is allergic to something in the food(s) they are avoiding, such as lactose or gluten, as consumption results in them becoming ill. Everyone understands that. But what about when the foods being avoided are purely by choice? That’s when the “discussions” begin…..

Whether for ethical reasoning, improved body function or weight loss goals, or merely to eat 2-3 meals each day, everyone has a choice of what they put in their mouth. I am totally okay with that. Though judgement comes into play when others don’t agree with your choices.

I know I myself have been looked upon as being extreme. As many know, I have competed in natural bodybuilding and figure competitions for years now. When on that journey I reduce my foods that turn to sugar quickly to achieve the result I am looking for. All people see is me getting leaner, and more muscles showing, which is exactly what I am going for. But I don’t stay here. It’s a journey to 10-12% bodyfat, and that’s it. The interesting thing though, is when I am on that journey down the percentage scale, I feel really good! I am fueling my body with protein, limited starch (mostly through vegetables), good fats and fibre. And quite honestly, why does anyone else care when I’m always eating whole real foods?

So, whether someone chooses to eat keto, intermittent fasting, lectin, dairy or grain free, avoid meat and/or animal products, choose to follow fodmaps or avoid alcohol, why do others care so much? Are they generally concerned for the health of the person avoiding things, or do they feel it is just plainly too extreme?

Quite honestly, it’s nobody’s business but the person who is eating it. Providing they are following the “diet” properly, and any nutrients they may not be getting via food options they are obtaining via supplementation, then who cares? Does it make them feel better physically or emotionally? What if they have better digestion and bowel movements because they follow the fodmaps diet? Maybe they have just never shared with you that they break out into a migraine or a rash every time they drink alcohol, or they have to experience terrible cramping an hour after consuming pizza or a burger.  What if they choose to avoid all processed and packaged foods because they believe their body deserves to be fueled with whole real food only? None of your business!

Please people, just leave them alone. The only time your opinion should matter is if they start pushing their beliefs on you. Just because I choose to eat minimal to no grain or sugar doesn’t mean I am telling you to do the same. I think we all need to “keep our eyes on our own fries” so to speak, and let everyone do what works for them. Stop judging those who choose different than the Standard American Diet.

I have had plenty of clients over the years who have tried to clean up their eating, only to be called out by their friends that they aren’t fun anymore. That having only one drink of wine and then choosing water means they are “on the rinse cycle”. What the heck is that about? Why does anyone else care what someone chooses to do? Live your life, make your choices for yourself, and support those around you who are striving to do better for themselves.