Junk Food and Animal Issues

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sleep and fitnessWhile chatting with a neighbour, she shared with me that they had found a skunk in their garbage bin, whom was licking the inside of a chip bag. This led us to reflect back to June 2018, where in Toronto raccoons were digging into park garbage bins to scavenge food, and due to the lack of quality of that food, were becoming obese and diabetic.

Now, this is not intended to chastise those who enjoy the occasional bag of chips, Timmy’s or McDonalds, but rather is intended to bring up the conversation of if this is happening to raccoons when they eat these types of foods, it’s definitely happening to us humans as well!

Raccoons have always been known as nighttime scavengers, eating just about anything. Typically their diet should consist of berries, other fruits, nuts, grains, and vegetables. They also eat insects, eggs, poultry, rats, squirrels, small livestock, birds, fish, snakes, craw fish, worms and frogs. Additionally, raccoons will eat pet food and human garbage. City dwelling raccoons might not come into too much contact with their natural and wild dietary options, but the fact that they are fueling up on such minimally nutritious foods left behind by humans, and becoming diabetic…. means we need to open our eyes!

Not only is it clearly showing that all the fast food and grab ‘n go options that people are consuming contain minimal to no quality nutritional value, but the preservatives and chemicals in them are altering our internal levels of health and messing with everyone’s hormones.

We need to consider the quality, or lack thereof, in these packaged and processed foods. Maybe it’s time to ask ourselves how often we are relying on foods made by fast food corporations, what’s in them, and what that chemical poop-storm is doing to us. I get that life is busy, and grabbing a burger, pizza, sub, coffee, and other such items is quick and easy. But the white flour base to these breads, cheap oils its cooked in, array of condiments dumped on top, sugar or artificial sugars, artificial and “natural” flavours included, salt, additional preservatives and chemicals are all part of the poison. They are addictive, and lack fibre and nutrients to support and sustain us effectively, often resulting in poor bowel function, unstable blood sugar, elevated blood pressure, weight gain and malnutrition.


Setting up a few habits that will have you more prepared for foods that can be taken to work with you is a step in the right direction. One might be creating overnight oats in the fridge so you can grab and go in the morning. Also cooking enough chicken on the weekend (or purchasing one pre-roasted) to be used in a salad, wrap or sandwich keeps lunch easy. Make a crockpot of stew or chili for easy dinners….and leftovers for another day. You can still take these out of the office and do as the raccoons do….go hang out in the park for some fresh air.

Remember that your body is the only “house” you will truly live in for your entire life. You would do everything you can to keep the plumbing working, electrical up to snuff and your furnace at the temperature you desire. Why not work in a few simple adjustments for your body too?