Fariyas’ Honey Glazed Fajita Spiced Chicken

Honey Glazed Fajita Spiced Chicken


This is a great quick recipe with no added oil. It can be done in the boiler or on the bbq. I sear the chicken in a frying pan before putting on the bbq to avoid it sticking to the grill.

Fajita Seasoning:

One TBSP each:

combine  mexican or chipotle chili powder,  kosher salt,  smoked Spanish paprika,  granulated sugar,  onion powder,  garlic powder and  ground cumin
(taken from http://glutenfreeonashoestring.com/gluten-free-chicken-fajita-bubble-bake/)

Large pack of chicken thighs (about 12 to 16)

1/4 cup honey, warmed

2 or 3 TBSP lemon juice or cider vinegar


1. Clean excess fat off chicken thighs. Dredge them in the spice mix. This can be done ahead of time and stored in the fridge.
2. Mix the honey and vinegar together and set aside for basting the chicken.
3.  Turn the boiler on to heat up the oven. Place chicken thighs in a pan and place under your broiler.
4. Cook 5 minutes on each side and baste with honey mix after turning. Broil until chicken is fully cooked.
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