Girls ONLY Boot Camp


Girl Zone Boot Camp

For Girls ages 8-12

Keep your kids active and healthy this summer

With Expert Care from our Team of Professionals

Camp begins Sept 17

FUN and Fitness for your Pre-Teen!

Summer doesn’t have to mean endless hours on a screen or going stir crazy for your children!

Enrol them in LiVs’ Boot Camp and be completely confident in the quality of care and instruction your children will receive!

6 Week Camp Runs Sept 17- Oct 8

Session Length – 60 minutes

Saturdays 11am-12:00pm

Athletes will learn:

*an early love of fitness – exercise is fun!

*proper body weight movement patterns and body

*awareness to prevent injury in future sports and daily tasks.

*fun games to get active with their friends over the summer!

*teamwork and leadership skills for better success in school and at home.

*teamwork and leadership skills to increase success in school, sports, and at home!

*confidence that will help them achieve their biggest goals!

More about the Program

Everyday our kids are performing weighted movements – they take their 10-20 lb backpacks (a significant percentage of their body weights) and pick them up off the ground (deadlift). Once their backpacks are on, they pull themselves up into a vehicle (weighted pull-ups). If they drop something with it on, they must bend down to pick it up (squat). Everyday our kids are moving – we might as well teach them to move well to prevent injuries, and secure a healthy, and happy future for them


“well, this and HAVING FUN”!

Kids’ movements will be unweighted

(except for very light — kettlebells, dumbbells, or medicine balls if they are VERY good movers) using body weight.

Movements will start unweighted,

and progress to weighted as good movement patterns are developed.

All movement will be supervised.

– short FUN workouts emphasizing GOOD movement.