Conquer your Cravings

personal trainer, fat loss, personal training, fat loss, nutrition, spin, boot camp

personal trainer, fat loss, personal training, fat loss, nutrition, spin, boot camp

A large part of the struggles people have with food has less to do with the need and nourishment of it, and FAR more to do with the mental enjoyment and pleasure of eating.

Looking to conquer your eating habits?

You may need to put your money where your mouth is and deal with the beast within.

It starts with recognizing the difference between hunger and the desire to fulfill some form of desire.  Our body is a complex and sometimes confusing machine.  Knowing the difference between hunger, boredom, thirst and desire, or the real need for nourishment, can sometimes be difficult to label.



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Here are a few tips:

  1. Learn true hunger – The next time you catch yourself reaching for something unhealthy ask yourself “WHY”?  Is it actually meal time, is it on the meal plan, are you starving?  Or… is it because you simply want a certain food?
  2. Stay active – Eating is physically and mentally stimulating.  Are you eating out of boredom? …   Maybe go for a walk or start that chore you have been putting off instead.
  3. Get help – If your relationship with food is truly out of control and destructive, you may have an eating disorder or addiction. Seeking the guidance of a qualified counselor may help.
  4. Journal – Tracking what you actually eat in a day or week may be eye opening and a bit surprising. Yes, even those 5 m&m’s, glass of wine or handful of crackers with cheese do count!
  5. Police – Find a friend or partner to help you with those moments when you need someone to tell you to “put that cookie down!”, or for them to ask you if you truly NEED that treat, or just merely WANT it.  Basically that person that you trust who can help to keep you focused on your path.


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And above all, remember that even if you do fall off of “the wagon” it is not the end of the world.  You don’t have to put things off until next Monday to start again.  It means that you de-railed for a moment and NOW it is time to get back on track.