SPIN/YOGA STRETCH-Tuesdays 7pm. Our bikes have toe cages as well as clips. Come for the ride, stay for the benefits of yoga stretch.

TA-SPIN-GA –Thursdays 7pm.  We use the bikes, the floor, the ropes and all manner of equipment, and finish off with a much needed stretch to wind you down at the end. 

BOOT CAMP –Saturdays 9am.  We will use all manner of equipment in the Studio.  This class typically runs as a GIANT circuit class and ends with an athletic stretch. 



SPIN/Yoga Stretch

Tuesday 7pm


Riding the LiV way. By combining great beats, challenging workouts, a beautiful space and motivational trainers, we will make you sweat, smile and dance your way through an incredible ride. Get ready for a heart-pounding, 40-minute journey focused on empowerment and transformation followed up by 20-minutes of Yoga inspired stretch. This is our playground. You’re invited. The rest is up to you.

* see below for Drop-In and Class Package Rates



Thursday 7pm

Our specialized blend of TAbata, SPIN and yoGA provides our class attendees with an after-burn effect workout that helps keep their metabolism working at a higher rate for up to 32 hours after each workout.Every group training session is led by an experienced and certified personal trainer, and is designed to be fun, high energy, and challenging so that you burn the maximum fat and tone your muscles.We modify our workout programs to fit your individual fitness levels. Whether you’re new to working out or you’re an experienced fitness buff, our professional trainers and coaches will help mold every workout so that you will achieve your goals, and no two workouts are the same! Our workouts are done in a dynamic group setting, which dramatically increases your odds of success through group accountability, and an addictive atmosphere of fun and community!

* see below for Drop-In and Class Package Rates


Boot Camp

Saturday 9am

Our approach is very straightforward, the workouts are fun and the atmosphere is electrifying! A wide variety of equipment is used, this class is led by knowledgeable and inspired trainers. And that’s just a part of what makes the workouts so effective and our attendees so happy. We pride ourselves on making workouts accessible to everyone, so whether you are an advanced athlete or just starting out, we scale the workouts to your fitness level and offer modifications to all of the exercises, insuring that you can always go at your own pace.

* see below for Drop-In and Class Package Rates


Drop-In and Class Package Rates

  • Class Drop-In $15
  • If you plan on joining one of our group classes 1x per week we drop your rate to $10 per class.  ($40/mth).
  • If you plan on joining us for multiple classes 2 or more per week we drop your per class rate even more! If you attend ALL of our classes your price could be as low as $4 per class. ($65/mth).
  • studio must be notified 4 hours prior to class start time if you need to cancel.





Please call for more information

905 688 7447