Burn more FAT

The goal of losing inches, leaning out or losing weight is part of achieving a healthy body, and is a specific goal for many people. But just where and how does someone have success in this when they are considering that working out as their best option?

It’s simple, by strength training. The key is making sure there is enough workload in your workout.

By working out with a resistance challenge that has you beginning to feel notable muscle fatigue, or to “fail out” in the 8-10 rep range, you know you are challenging the body enough to be burning glycogen stores within your muscles.

A workout lasting 30 to 45 minutes is perfect for achieving this.   In this time frame you have enough hormone support to get you through.


I know I have not talked about the “weight loss” part yet, however it is part in parcel with weight training.


You see, in conjunction with a clean diet and not overeating, you can amplify your hard earned muscle gains from pushing and pulling weights.


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One simple add-on….

and NO, its not take that magic pill and go sit on the couch as you watch TV and poof your abs appear.

It is a small physical add to your weight training program. At the end of your workout add 15-20 minutes of cardio.

Yes it’s that simple!



Now I know this seems a bit too easy and not the complex formula that you may have been watching on Youtube.  Very simply, it doesn’t have to be.

By placing this at the end of your weight training workout you know that the muscles and blood have been depleted of stored sugars and now you are going to force your body to switch over and start pulling energy stores from other places, basically stored body fat.

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It does however need to be challenging!

If you are new to exercise I suggest beginning with 15-20 minutes of steady state cardio.

  •    this means something like walking on an incline of about 5 or more on the treadmill at about 1.5 times your normal walking pace


  • at least 20 minutes on a stationary bike with the resistance set where you are aware of the drag on the flywheel, NOT free wheeling it!

If you are a bit more advanced you will need to amp up the challenge.

One of my favorites for getting clients to make those lungs “happy” is to complete this short circuit, following the numbered order of activities.

  1. 2 minutes  steady paced walk or light jog on the treadmill
  2. 100 skips with a jump-rope
  3. 45 second plank
  4. 1 min break (make sure this is no longer than 1 min, we want to keep those lungs happy)

repeat circuit 5-10 times