Water is so boring! Yes, this may be true, but it is vital to our health. Is carbonated water an alternative? Well, let’s take a look.  But Sparkling water is basically water with an alteration to it. On its own it is clear, colourless, has no taste or fragrance to it, and it gets its bubbles by being infused with carbon dioxide.

So, how then would you know if the sparkling water you are drinking might be considered “natural” and healthy? When it comes from a mineral spring that naturally contains minerals and is naturally carbonated, as the sparkle can result from gases that are naturally occurring in the water. However, mineral water companies may still add carbon dioxide to the water to give it those lovely bubbles.  Mineral water naturally contains minerals that can be beneficial to your health, such as magnesium and potassium. However, in order for the mineral water to contain minerals, it has to be collected from a spring that actually contains them.

Seltzer water is the man-made or artificially created version of sparkling water. Seltzer is simply water plus carbon dioxide and is a cheaper alternative to sparkling mineral water. If you have a Soda Stream machine at home, this is what you are making, water that has been injected with carbon dioxide.

To compare club soda or tonic water to the bubbly water versions on the market, club soda and tonic water both have additional ingredients added to it, and tonic water is high in sugar. I personally recommend opting out of these two, and switching to mineral or regular bubbly water. One more thing you need to be aware of though, is when these bubbly waters are flavoured. “Natural flavour” really isn’t all that natural! It is flavour that is chemically made for your flavour driven palette. Choose plain carbonated water instead, and add some fresh fruit to it. A few mixed berries, a wedge of lemon, lime or squeeze of orange goes a long way in true natural flavour.

However, if it is flavour you want, and don’t care about the bubbles, a wonderful option is AXIO, a powdered product that conveniently comes in individual packets that can be easily added to water. It is highly beneficial fluid for your brain and provides much needed antioxidant support, without the crash from sugar or high caffeine. Rather, it contains B Vitamins, Magnesium, Green Tea Extract, Pine Bark and Quercitin. Click on www.shirleyvanegmond.ca-en.lifevantage.com/products/axio-locaf/ to find out how this truly is a great option!

Another potential issue concerning your health and carbonated drinks, is the effect on the enamel of your teeth. Apparently the problem lies in the fact that carbon dioxide bubbles change into carbonic acid once it is in our mouths. It lowers the pH of water, making it more acidic, which, similar to acidic foods, can cause dental erosion. I believe this though, would be a problem if you consume higher amounts of carbonated waters. If it’s a treat, or a weekend substitute for pop, a sugary drink or glass or two of wine, it’s not that bad.

So, if it’s the fizz you love, bubbly mineral water still appears to be the best option, carbonated beverages would be second….providing that it contains no added sugar, artificial sweeteners or flavours. As always, I would still recommend plain old filtered water the majority of your fluid intake. These too can have fresh fruit or a favourite herbal tea added to it for a dash of flavour. Or make ice cubes with bits of fruit in them. Pour that into a pretty wine glass and with or without bubbles, it can be beautiful thing!