Three Weight Loss Tips for the Busy Women


  1. Make your own food. Life is busy and often unpredictable, I totally understand that. I know it takes time to purchase and prep food, but in those times of busyness, maintaining healthy eating is often based on what is available. Remember the quote, “By failing to prepare, you prepare to fail.”  Whether it’s part of a week day, or a Saturday or Sunday, choose a time that fits in your week for you to pre-make a few healthy whole food items. It might include filling your oven with trays of chicken, fish filet, diced potatoes and vegetables. You have 2 racks in there……use them both at the same time!  Have a bucket of mixed greens, a cucumber, a few carrots and a loaf of bread on hand. Whether eating at home or packing to take to work, you can make about 8 healthy, wholesome meals out of this. 
  • Drink water over all else. We already know that water is vital to life. If you are not drinking enough water, what are you consuming in place of it? Coffee? Tea? Juice? Pop? Iced tea? Snapple or fruit punch? Wine? Try to aim for 75% of your intake of fluids to be water. I’m not saying don’t have your coffee or tea in the morning! I would personally never want to skip my coffee! However, it is very easy to consume high calorie beverages that have minimal nutritional value in place of water that will add on pounds. An easy way to insure that you start out on the right foot, put a bottle of water at your bedside. As soon as you sit up in the morning, drink 10-15 gulps. You now have started your day with hydrating your body. Continue throughout the day taking sips BEFORE you feel thirsty. Trust me, your body will thank you for that!

Move your body. So your little ones have you running around the house all day. AWESOME! Movement is movement, and it’s all good! Try adding little rounds of squats, push-ups, planks and lunges into all that running around.