If you are new to exercise and want to learn OR if you are simply stuck in your old workout routine we have something for you.

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Fitness is about LiVing well join us and create a new healthy lifestyle learn tools, techniques and…

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Intro Package $99   Have you ever wondered if a Personal Trainer can help you? Feeling a…

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LiV in Balance HOLISTIC NUTRITION PROGRAM Are you ready to take back your health? What you discover…

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Don’t Be Discouraged

  Recently a client (let’s call her Andrea) commented to me that she accomplished a 25 km bike ride along a local recreational trail. She was so happy and felt incredibly accomplished, as the turnaround spot is at the very top of a very long and grueling hill. She proudly posted a comment about this on her facebook page to share her success! She told me her joy was so short lived as right after her post she noticed…

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The Salty Side of Things

Salt, so much more than the box in your Oma’s cupboard! Not only that, it comes in various forms now too. How do you know which one is best? Which ones are for cooking? And, which ones have benefits outside of the realm of food?   Everyone is familiar with table salt. Most will be familiar with sea salt, and a number of you will have heard of Himalayan salt. All of these are options to flavour food, create…

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5 Strategies to avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Tis the season of cheer and good will towards men! But with beckoning desserts and snacks around every corner, it’s easy for healthy eating habits to get lost in the shuffle. Pair that with cooling temps and hectic holiday schedules, and exercise plans often take a hit, too. However, it’s possible to survive the holidays with your wellness intact. 1 START YOUR DAY WITH PROTEIN We recommend eating a protein-rich breakfast. Add in some complex carbohydrates, and you’ve got…

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You will have better SEX…….

Now that I have your attention.. We have been told over and over that exercise is good for us. Here are 10 VERY good reasons why..        You will improve memory: feel like you think a bit more clearly after a good workout? Not only is your brain getting more energy and oxygen, but many studies have shown that exercise can boost your memory and help you learn better You will improve your posture:  one of the…

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You are better off NOT warming up at all

Should you warm-up before you workout? A warm-up gets your muscles ready for activity. Without warming up, you not only risk injury but you also get less from your workout. How many times have you walked into your workout just on time or a few minutes late and had to get right to loading the muscles?   And how tight and unprepared did everything feel? That’s because your muscles are spending that time trying to turn on. A warm-up takes…

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Tight Calves?

Got a set of calves that are a little on the tight side? Have you been doing a LOT of running or simply missing out on doing some full range of motion calf stuff.  Tired of the same o’l calf stretches? Here is one that might get those things to loosen up for you. If this doesn’t do it you may need a big hammer and just start pounding on them.

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OLD School for NEW Gains

This month much like others we will have picked a movement to make things “interesting”. The Drag Curl…. This month I will be using the Drag Curl to pick on that bicep peak…. A lot of you know I am a fan of most of the Old School movements that have seemingly been put aside or forgotten in lieu of things that are, well…. simply easier.. A return to the Golden Six may be in order for the last…

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A Guide to the B Vitamins   This family of vitamins is made up of eight separate B vitamins. Although they are usually recognized as a group, and often work together in the body, each separate B vitamin performs its own unique and important functions. To help better understand each of the B vitamins, I have broken them down individually to explain each one’s value. Thiamin, also known as vitamin B1, is needed to help produce cellular energy from…

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