You may have heard of a term called Afterburn.

Following the hours after your workout, your body will operate at an elevated metabolism.


This means that you burn more calories and you lose more weight and now knowing this have even more reason to work hard at the gym.

That’s right, even when you go back home, kick back on the couch after your workout your body is still ramped up and burning more calories than it would if you had of skipped that workout altogether.


Its best activated when you combine resistance training with cardio and maintain a certain intensity.


Personal trainers are here for a reason.  They can’t be with you all day to ensure you don’t falter and eat 6 cheeseburgers at lunch…. Not even we here at LiV can Afterburn you through that caloric onslaught.


Trainers make sure your workouts are as effective and safe for you as possible.


And in case you are wondering the science-y term for Afterburn is Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption.