You will have better SEX…….

Now that I have your attention..

We have been told over and over that exercise is good for us.

Here are 10 VERY good reasons why..




  1.  You will improve memory: feel like you think a bit more clearly after a good workout? Not only is your brain getting more energy and oxygen, but many studies have shown that exercise can boost your memory and help you learn better
  2. You will improve your posture:  one of the best ways to fix your posture is to exercise the muscles holding you back
  3. You will boost self confidence: exercise can improve your appearance which can improve confidence, but there’s more to it than that. Exercise can also help you feel more accomplished and social. Even if you don’t see immediate results in your body, that effort will make you feel better
  4. You WILL dE-StReSs: studies have shown that exercise is a great way to combat it. Not only are those endorphins natural stress-fighters, but getting yourself into that exercise groove helps get your mind off the things stressing you out
  5. You will sleep better: have trouble falling asleep at night? The National Sleep Foundation says at regular exercise can help you sleep better. The best time to work out is in the morning or the afternoon.
  6. You will have MORE energy: regular exercise can actually make you feel more energized throughout the day. In fact, one study found that exercising in the middle of the day can leave you feeling more energetic and productive for the rest of the afternoon
  7. You will have better SEX: Yes, studies have indeed shown that regular exercise can increase arousal and decrease men’s risk for erectile dysfunction, likely because exercise improves circulation
  8. You will get sick less often: A recent study found that people who exercised regularly were half as likely to get a cold than people who didn’t
  9. You will LiVe longer: It’s no secret that healthy living will keep you alive longer, but you might be surprised at how much. One study found that exercise improves life expectancy as much as quitting smoking. It really is true that sitting all day is killing you
  10. You will simply be HAPPIER: the University of Bristol found that people’s mood significantly improved on days they exercised, so find a way to fit a quick workout into your daily routine


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You are better off NOT warming up at all

Should you warm-up before you workout?

A warm-up gets your muscles ready for activity. Without warming up, you not only risk injury but you also get less from your workout. How many times have you walked into your workout just on time or a few minutes late and had to get right to loading the muscles?   And how tight and unprepared did everything feel? That’s because your muscles are spending that time trying to turn on. A warm-up takes care of that, making you feel stronger and faster right from the start.

• A warm-up gets your muscles to activate via the stretch reflex, an automatic response your body has when a muscle is lengthened.

• When the muscle lengthens, the muscle spindles (sensory receptors located in the muscle) are activated. The muscle spindles then send a message to your spinal cord, which responds with its own message for the muscle to shorten.

When you exercise, either in the morning or after a day of sitting at work, your muscles are tight  and some might be completely shut off. A warm-up activates the stretch reflex telling your muscles they need to turn on and be ready. Your workout requires lengthening and shortening of muscles under load, and a warm-up gets your body ready for that. The stretch reflex protects your muscles from being pulled too far and tearing, so in addition to optimizing muscle performance, you are also helping prevent injury.

Warm-Up Mistakes to Avoid

A proper warm-up will prepare your body for activity by hitting all your muscles in a systemized way. For example, you want to use dynamic movements to stretch and get tissue ready prepared for intended work.  If you are to be working legs that day you want to get those hips, glutes and hamstrings to wake up before you go right into a heavy loaded squat or deadlift. A few functional movements will get this job done for you.

DO NOT address muscle tightness first. If you are really tight like most of us, it can be difficult for you to do a proper warm-up. Addressing these muscles first with a foam roller or mild active movement will loosen them up and allow you to reap the benefits of your warm-up.

DO NOT use static stretching as a warm-up. Stretching should be done after activity as part of your cooldown. It sounds a little counter intuitive however stretching before a workout show that static stretching pre workout can actually decrease performance as well as increase risk of injury. In other words, you are better off not warming up at all than warming up with stretching.

Imagine you are pulling a rubber band. When you let go, the band snaps back quickly with a lot of force, but if you pull it too far, it either breaks or is so overly stretched, it can’t snap back. Avoid static stretching, and go for a functional warm-up involving exercises that lengthen and shorten your muscles.

What makes a good functional warm-up? A good warm-up should be based more on your body’s specific needs. For example, if your shoulder blades are in an upward position, use an exercise to force your shoulder blades down, or if you are really tight across the chest, start with a few movements to release the pecs and anterior delts before moving on to bench.

So, should you warm-up before your workout???  The short answer is, yes. The longer answer is, yes. The medium answer is take advantage of your gym facility and use the treadmill, rowing machine, bike, skip rope or even the elliptical, and get your blood flowing.

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