Tight Calves?

Got a set of calves that are a little on the tight side?

Have you been doing a LOT of running or simply missing out on doing some full range of motion calf stuff.

 Tired of the same o’l calf stretches?

Here is one that might get those things to loosen up for you.

If this doesn’t do it you may need a big hammer and just start pounding on them.

OLD School for NEW Gains

This month much like others we will have picked a movement to make things “interesting”.

The Drag Curl….
This month I will be using the Drag Curl to pick on that bicep peak….

A lot of you know I am a fan of most of the Old School movements that have seemingly been put aside or forgotten in lieu of things that are, well…. simply easier..
A return to the Golden Six may be in order for the last quarter of the year.

Drag Curls are going to be a little interesting, the burn and involvement of the biceps feels very different than a usual preacher or barbell curl. Even more so than the squeeze the triceps at the bottom variation we worked on a few months ago,,,,, and that some are still ummmmmmm remembering to this date. 🙂

Here is how we are going to get it done.