24 PT sessions
1 health/fitness consultation incl
1 nutritional counsel follow-up session of 30 min

Our introductory personal training program is designed for 2-3 sessions per week and will take you 2-3 months to complete. It will teach you the basics of fitness training and nutrition as well as      begin to correct postural and muscular imbalances within your body. This is a good kick start allowing you to begin to see and feel changes in your body as you increase your activity level.




48 PT sessions
1 health/fitness assessment incl
1 nutritional counsel follow-up session of 30 minutes

Training 2-3 times per week this program will take you between 4-6 months to complete. With continued dedication to nutrition and training you will see noticeable improvements in your physique as well as cardiovascular health.




96 PT sessions
1 health/fitness assessment incl
1 nutritional counsel follow-up session of 30 minutes
4 group classes

An investment in yourself designed to keep you training 2-3 times per week for 8-12 months. This package gives you guidance and progression, keeping you on track, allowing you to develop a better understanding of exercise, food and how they affect your goals.


LiV Life

We have two options for this 12 MONTH INVESTMENT in yourself.
You commit to your days and times. WE GIVE YOU THE BEST VALUE POSSIBLE.

– Choose from either 2 OR 3 PERSONAL TRAINING SESSIONS PER WEEK for 12 months
– Initial CONSULTATION and HEALTH HISTORY review (included)
– INDIVIDUALIZED goal setting supported with personal training programing created by one of our Certified Personal Trainers
– A HOLISTIC NUTRITION SESSION with our very own Registered Holistic Nutritionist every 8 WEEKS (included)
– A group class of YOUR CHOICE each week, – choose from Spin, Pump & Grind, Body Works or Boot Camp class each week (included)


Life happens (kids get sick, cars break down). If you need to reschedule an appointment, we understand. Sessions that need to be moved can be done within a ONE week period. Contact us for more information on this or any of our other Personal Training Packages or Specials.