Renee, 57

Shirley provided sound nutritional advice and was able to customize the type of service I needed within the Introductory package which I appreciated. Chris, my trainer was professional and knowledgeable. His approach was exactly what I was looking for since recovering from major surgery.

Pina, 42 yrs

I know that a lot of people say that personal training is expensive however, I now am a firm believer in investing in ourselves. What I have learned from Shirley and Rob I could never get from a gym.  Not only have I benefited from LiV, but my whole family has.  And that you can not put a price on!

Allison, 42 yrs

My life has truly changed for the better because of LiV!  It has been three years with Shirley at LiV, my training sessions are fun and challenging and go by so fast! I love talking nutrition with Shirley, and I love the amazing friends I have met in the LiV community! My life has truly changed for the better because of LiV!

Lui, 61 yrs

The more you LiV, the more you’ll love life! I became part of the LiV family about 5 years ago, and it energized em beyond expectations! A great place with great staff and members. As soon as you walk in you feel energy and excitement in a friendly, clean and welcoming environment. I recently had a hip replacement surgery, and the care, kindness and attention pre and post-surgery lent to a speedy recovery. Make LiV part of your life and enjoy more of what’s out there!

Pat, 62 yrs

Would I ever go back to a regular gym? NO WAY!!  I am so glad I came to LiV!  Rob pushes me, but is very aware of my fatigue levels and guides me safely through the movements of our workout. I believe as we age we need to exercise, we need movement, we need strength training, but above all we need to accomplish this safely! And at LiV you will do that.