Our Intro Special is designed to allow you to become more familiar with, us, our space and our training styles.

The $99 Special includes

– health assessment, which takes roughly an hour and would require you to wear some loose clothing.  You may sweat a little bit.  This is designed to give us a little background information on you and your health history as well as provide us with some base line starting points to get your workout program started.


–  after the health assessment we find days and times that fit into your day and schedule you with a trainer that fits your needs. For example some people would rather work with a female… So we setup their appointments accordingly.

Before all this tho.  We need to schedule a time for you to come in.  It would be great if we could find a time for you to come in and just chat with us a little about what you are looking for long term.  This initial meeting would only be about 15min and is of no cost to you.


I hope we can chat soon!

Please give us a phone call 905 688 7447 or…

Can we give you a call and setup an appointment?