Working with a quality Personal Trainer an invaluable to your journey. In every gym I have ever been in I have seen people exercising with strange wondrous improper form, performing the same exercises over and over, with little to no results. In a few cases people using movements that were simply bad for their body type.  All it takes some times is a few sessions to show a safer way to perform movements or maybe correct some form issues to get someone back on track.

Fitness is about
LiVing well

join us and create a new healthy lifestyle
learn tools, techniques and exercises to transform yourself
lose some weight, get stronger and find out what LiVing healthy means to you.

Using proper intensity and choosing efficient exercises gets the job done, resulting in big changes.

Since 2008, LiV has used a very systematic approach to the way we train.  All new clients are assessed to determine their goals, current levels of cardiovascular strength, muscle strength, coordination, core strength and joint mobility. Once we have that information, we help by meeting the client at whatever level they are at, offering custom designed training programs to make sure your form and intensity is where it should be.

Our focus is on helping people achieve long-term results through challenging and varied workouts that involve strength training, cardiovascular work, functional training, core training and innovative stretching techniques.
Couple this with whole food eating and you have a recipe for success!

We offer a variety of packages and price points to meet every client’s needs. Whether you commit for 2-3 months, or up to a year, we have the package and plan for you!

A final thought..

Don’t be apprehensive about getting in touch. We are an established personal training studio with over 10 years of experience in getting people into the best shape of their life. Whatever your fitness level or goal is, we can help.

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