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  Shirley Van Egmond RHN, PT, Co-Owner

I was 28 years old and at my 6 week checkup after my second child     was born. My obstetrician told me that since I was the same weight    before and after my first child, as well as my second, that I would likely   be that weight the rest of my life.
I remember thinking, “HOLY CRAP that is not what I want!” I refused   to believe that this was the only road I had ahead of me, and started   on my journey of developing a healthy, strong and lean body. I tried   different forms of exercise, and really started caring about what I put   in my mouth.
FAST FORWARD 23 years later. I am a certified Personal Trainer   with 18 years of professional training experience, and have prepped and competed in numerous physique competitions, as well as endurance racing events. In addition, I have studied nutrition in great depth and am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. All of this knowledge has not only assisted me in maintaining my own healthy body, but also that of numerous clients. I have developed strategies that I share with my clients that will assist them in achieving a lean, strong, healthy and feminine body, all while valuing the limited time of their busy life.




Robert Apfelbeck PT, Co-Owner











Matt Nelson PT











Denise Boyko PT

Denise is a Certified Personal Training Specialist/ Nutrition Advisor and Children’s Fitness Coach who strongly believes in the necessity of an active lifestyle!

Her mission is to motivate, encourage and guide you to a healthier and happier life. Teaching proper technique is essential in preventing injury as a result, you’ll benefit from being more balanced, stronger, and more flexible!






Brittany Brown RMT, B. Kin

I am Brittany, and I have been inspired by health and wellness for quite some time now. I grew up staying active, playing sports, and eating well (most of the time… did someone say ice cream?). After completing my Bachelor of Kinesiology Honors degree from Brock University, I attended The Ontario College of Health and Technology where I received a Massage Therapy diploma, and now currently am registered, and in good standing with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario.

Extensive hours spent assisting in a Physiotherapy clinic, experience creating and implementing training programs, continuing work as a fitness instructor, and the knowledge and skill gained during my education, have assisted me in becoming a well-rounded RMT.


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