40 minutes of SPIN to get your heart, lungs and legs working. This is followed by 20 minutes of YOGA inspired stretch to calm the mind and body.













1hr of Yoga fused with Athletic stretch. Lengthen your body, open your joints and breathe, to decompress in this mid-week class.  This nice quiet non-spiritual class is perfect for beginner to intermediate yogies.










A trifecta experience providing you with the high intensity of TABATA, the cardio endurance of SPIN and the wind down of YOGA-stretch.








Body Works



1hr of LOW impact aerobics and strength training focusing on older adult female clientele, though adaptable to all ages.  Looking to improve mobility and balance? You will be challenged differently each week using everything from spin bikes and free weights, to yoga mats.








Boot Camp



Our take on Boot Camp is 1hr of circuits filled with lots of core lots of cardio and lots of fun… OH…. and we may throw in some weights here and there too.








Drop-in and Class Packages available for all of our classes

Class Drop-in $15
If you plan on joining one of our group classes 1x per week we drop your rate to $10 per class. Payable in lump sum at the beginning of the month ($40/mth).
If you plan on joining us for multiple classes 2 or more per week we drop your per class rate even more! Your price could be as low as $4 per class. Payable in lump sum at the beginning of the month ($65/mth).

Yoga-Stretch is not included is priced separate from the group class options listed above.
Yoga Drop-in $15
Yoga-Stretch runs in 2 month cycles at $99.

Please call for more information regarding Yoga or any of our group classes 905 688 7447.