Tuesday 7-8pm
40 minutes of SPIN  to get your heart rate up and lungs working.   This is followed by 20 minutes of Yoga inspired stretch to calm the mind and body.  Preparing you for the rest of your work week.



Wednesday 7-8pm
1hr of Yoga fused with Athletic stretch. Spread your arms and decompress in this mid week class.  This nice quiet non-spiritual class is perfect for beginners and intermediate yoga goers.

Call us 905 688 7447 or click on the contact us button at the bottom of the page to reserve your space.



Thursday 7-8pm
A great almost end to the week, 20 minutes of TABATA, then 20 minutes of SPIN which is a perfect warmup for the final 20 minutes of YOGA, ending the night.


Friday 11-12pm
This 1hr of LOW impact aerobics and light weights perfect for older adults.  Lady’s looking to maintain mobility and improve balance will be challenged differently each week.  We use everything in this class ranging from spin bikes to yoga mats.


Saturday 9-10am
Our take on BootCamp is 1hr of circuits filled with lots of core lots of cardio and lots of fun… OH…. and we may throw in some weights here and there too.  We are a private studio, all of our classes are indoors and since we are a private studio we use all of our equipment.  You can expect everything from body weight movements to possibly using the treadmill or even leg press.


Drop-in and Class Packages available for all of our classes