when things go wrong….. as they some times will…..

Have you ever had your whole day planned out and your “to do” list ready to tackle, and then something happens? Maybe your child is sick, your basement floods, your password to your website doesn’t work, or the watermain breaks at your studio location and you have a full afternoon of clients…. Hopefully it’s only one thing that messes up your day, and not a few, as listed above.

It’s happening to me right now. Not sick kids or a flooded basement, but my password apparently requires “authentication” (where’s my business partner when I need him?), and we have a watermain break at the studio. I was thinking I would get computer work done at home before heading into the studio and a packed afternoon/evening with clients, which I might need to now cancel. I was stopped. Dead in my tracks. What do you do when this happens to you? Does this rattle you with irritation, or do you just move right along to the next best thing to accomplish?

I believe when life gives you lemons you can either make lemonade and roll with it, add a twist with a shot of vodka and switch gears, or stomp on that lemon and completely crush it.

If you feel like crushing it, find a way to take a few moments to re-group. This might be a perfect time for a bit of yoga, meditation, or to ponder a few things to be grateful for, in spite of the speedbumps you’re dealing with. Are you a person who needs to get rid of your “Grrrr”? Maybe grab a quick workout and pound it out in a run or interval strength training. You’ll likely feel so much better after!

Adding the bit of vodka might look a bit like changing your outlook for the day. If what you are doing can wait until tomorrow, maybe call up a friend or your mom and head to the mall to do some retail therapy or grab lunch together.

Or, keep it simple and drink the lemonade. I just read this morning that to reduce our stress around situations, we can choose how to act, or react, to the issue. Let’s face it, there are things that are out of our control, but we don’t need to let the issue control us. When allowing it to do so we get into that “fight or flight” reaction that only drains our adrenals, energy, and total outlook for the moment.  Why give it that much power? You might not be control of your whole day, your focus just had to change a little due to circumstance.

When we choose to react, it tends to be quick and with frustration. Not much gets accomplished this way. When choosing to act we can still get things done. Maybe not exactly what you were planning, but your day isn’t ruined, it’s just different than you envisioned. You might even find a hidden blessing or two tucked into the change….and those blessings are the best because they are unexpected.

time keeps ticking

Where does the time go? We all ask this when reflecting back on pictures, events and memories from days gone by, realizing in hind sight, that time is so precious. The reality is this moment right now is equally as precious. Moments of time that we give to family, friends, work, chores and hobbies, that all adds up to create how our days play out. What happens though when we want to do something different, like start to exercise, learn an instrument, join a book club or simply go to a movie, and we just don’t know where or how we are going to fit it in? We feel we just don’t have any time.

What if it’s not just about those minutes or hours? Time, in this reference, reflects on a moment or moments in the past, present or future, while energy actually reflects the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity. It’s easy to see how we may need to not only consider the moments we commit to something or someone, but also the energy required for us to truly take part. Depending on the situation, some events require less on actual moments of time, and greater amounts on the energy to take another activity on. How do you determine its worth to you? Is it time you are committing, or energy?

A few years back, while relaxing on my couch watching repeats of Seinfeld, I thought to myself that I needed to get off my butt and do some cardio. In spite of that, I was pretty content to keep watching tv. As one episode ended and the next one began, I realized the moments spent, as each one is 30 minutes. I asked myself, “What else could I do with this 30-minutes?” Whether it was the current episode I was on, or the next one, they all follow the same pattern so I really wasn’t missing anything valuable by turning the tv off and going for my run, so I did.

The next time I was out running with my gal pal and workout partner, we were struggling a bit to get through it, so intending to encourage us, I blurted out, “What else could you do with this 30-minutes?” This became her phrase to throw back at me on occasion, when my legs were tired and not wanting to keep pace. In this essence it was all about energy, as we had already committed the time.

Your commitment likely is different. It might not be about exercise, but rather committing to meal prep, putting in overtime, doing a girls’ night, or joining that bowling league. It’s your time and energy, not someone else’s, that is being spent.

So, again I ask, is it time you are committing, or is it energy? As your day or week fills up, are you spending your moments and energy on the things you truly need to? This is where we sometimes have to dig a bit to determine the value to ourselves and our souls. Choose wisely, create the boundaries needed to not overdue your time AND energy consumption. Always leave a little in the tank for yourself to allow to re-fuel and re-focus with whatever fills you.

July 15th Hiitstep Returns

HIITSTEP is a NEW and innovative HIIT exercise class using only your bodyweight and a STEP. It is challenging…but also so much fun at the same time! Burn up to 400 calories in 30 minutes, then continue to burn more calories due to the afterburn effect. HIIT Step will help you improve power, speed, agility and endurance!

Don’t be Discouraged

Recently a client (let’s call her Andrea) commented to me that she accomplished a 25 km bike ride along a local recreational trail. She was so happy and felt incredibly accomplished, as the turnaround spot is at the very top of a very long and grueling hill. She proudly posted a comment about this on her facebook page to share her success! She told me her joy was so short lived as right after her post she noticed 2 other women posted they did 80 and 100km respectively on the same day. Andrea felt so defeated, fearing that her progress was too slow and was asking me what the point was?

I quickly responded, saying the other 2 had likely been riding longer, maybe had better quality bikes and maybe had more spare time than she has to invest in training. All of these are factors in someone’s result. This is exactly why we need to stop looking at other peoples’ goals as a marker for our own success. Andrea started riding in late spring of this year. She has young children and runs a business. She has been giving her all to improving her fitness level and health, and I thought how sad is it that her joy was deflated the moment she saw others do more than her.

Goals are a personal thing. Yes, sometimes we join a group to complete a goal together. But still, each person sets out on their own path to accomplish what they set ahead for themselves. I’m sure the other 2 gals have no idea that their successes that day negatively affected Andrea’s purpose or confidence. And they likely would have encouraged her to keep pushing forward. To not give up. Because they likely too were in her shoes when they were within the first few months of a new challenge.

This was such a clear reminder to me that we always need to put in our best effort when working on accomplishing our goals. We need to keep it in perspective of where we began, where we are going, and to celebrate every accomplishment along the way.

We also have to remember that there are always people ahead and behind us. Don’t be afraid to aspire towards some of those ahead of you, and don’t let their accomplishments devalue your own. Remember as well, to look back, giving support and encouragement to those who aren’t as far along as you are. You know how they feel because you’ve been there.  It’s great to accomplish goals. It’s great to feel successful, but most of us start with humble beginnings. And, thanks to Lao Tzu we know a journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step.


Is the class for a certain type of person?
It’s for everyone essentially. The instructor will give various options to people depending on their fitness level. No matter how fit you are we can tailor the workout to challenge you.
Where could I go to do HIITSTEP?
LiV Personal Training Studio

Classes starting

Monday JUNE 3,2019

5 Weeks $49.99

Mondays 530pm-6pm
$15 drop-in


How does HIIT Step differentiate to other HIIT classes?
The USP is the music, all the workout is engineered to the music. Also, as I have mentioned before, the workout has been developed by Gb 🇬🇧 Olympians.
What are the benefits to doing the class?
The main benefit is weight loss. The high intense workout is great at burning fat. The other benefits are improving your power, flexibility, endurance and it keeps heart health. Another benefit is how quick the class is, it’s only half an hour long so it doesn’t take much of your time up.