Is the class for a certain type of person?
It’s for everyone essentially. The instructor will give various options to people depending on their fitness level. No matter how fit you are we can tailor the workout to challenge you.
Where could I go to do HIITSTEP?
LiV Personal Training Studio

Classes starting

Monday JUNE 3,2019

5 Weeks $49.99

Mondays 530pm-6pm
$15 drop-in


How does HIIT Step differentiate to other HIIT classes?
The USP is the music, all the workout is engineered to the music. Also, as I have mentioned before, the workout has been developed by Gb 🇬🇧 Olympians.
What are the benefits to doing the class?
The main benefit is weight loss. The high intense workout is great at burning fat. The other benefits are improving your power, flexibility, endurance and it keeps heart health. Another benefit is how quick the class is, it’s only half an hour long so it doesn’t take much of your time up.



Where did HIITSTEP come from?
The workout was developed by various people. We had athletes from Team GB 🇬🇧 who had their input as well. The music we chose for the workout comes from the music we listened to ask we grew up, it’s a bit different but I believe that’s what gives the workout the extra edge. The workout lasts 30 minutes

SMART Way To Achieve Your Goals

It’s January 2019. Does that mean something to you? For some it’s a new beginning, a fresh start. To others it’s just another day. Those who look forward to stellar new beginnings might find that January 1st of each year is exactly what they need. A lot of people use New Years’ Day as the official end of the Christmas season and the start of new or renewed clean eating and exercise goals. The whole “New Year, New You” is what motivates them to start their next 365 days as a new book with fresh, clean pages to fill with their determination and accomplishments.

I too like to look at new beginnings, fresh starts, clean pages and refreshed determination. But do we need a new year to do that, or will any day or time actually work? What’s wrong with today for example? It’s currently Monday at 11:46 am. Isn’t this moment a great moment to start? It absolutely is! Who’s to say that this particular morning, someone woke up feeling like crap. They ate a high sugar breakfast and had a caffeine, sugar and fat loaded latte on their way to work…and still felt like crap. This exact moment might be the “Aha moment” they needed to say, “Starting with lunch I am NOW on a mission to stop feeling bloated, low energy, overweight and exhausted.” They might opt for a salad with lean protein for that lunch, plan a healthy soup for dinner and set a date to go for a walk with their sister in the evening. That’s just a grand of a kick start as New Years’ Day in my books!

Any day and any time is the perfect way to begin, as long as you begin! Yes, for those of us who like the stellar starting point….celebrate it and do everything you can to commit and crush it! For those who are just sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, well they can do it on any day or time that the idea sinks in for them.  The whole thing is to do it!  Once started, never lose sight of your goals. Dig deep. Figure out what you truly want, and write them down. As a wish that is thought about is merely a dream, but once written down and dedicated to, it becomes a goal.

The most important part is HOW you do it, and something to consider is the SMART system. Is your goal specific enough?  What exactly is it you want to accomplish? For example, do you want to just lose some weight, or have you got it down to a specific amount of weight or inches?  Is your goal measurable? Use something as a unit of measure here….either weight, inches or percentages work for reducing your body size. Maybe your goal is to exercise 4x/week. That is measureable as well. Is your goal achievable? So many people fall into a trap of setting impossible goals, and then feel they have let themselves down by not completing it. For those who want to run a marathon by spring when they are starting with their first jog ever tomorrow morning….well, that likely isn’t achievable. Start with smaller goals, like a 5km by spring….and work up to that marathon in stages. Is your goal relevant? Not all goals have a high level of relevance, so it only has to be relevant to you. No one else has to get it….but you do, so make sure it truly matters or you’ll end up giving up. Is your goal Timed out? Are you taking this journey to be lean and fit for your wedding in 6 months or your school’s 25th reunion next fall? Pick a goal date you would like to achieve this by. But don’t forget….that date has to be realistic. Don’t expect to accomplish it in 2 weeks, or even 3 months. Always consider the depth of your goal.

Find a source for accountability. Whether it’s scheduling workouts in, a weekly cooking class, or regular food journal check-ins with a friend, sister or nutritionist, make sure you show up! It’s a great way to stay dedicated to your goal. Hire a professional to give you guidance. Whether that’s a certified Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, Counselor or Life Coach. They are trained to teach you structure and provide tips on how to understand the concepts surrounding your journey.


It’s Okay to Need Some Disconnect!

Healthy tip #5 is to just tap out! Sometimes it’s okay to say, “No” to an invitation. Not every event needs to be attended, especially if you are reaching your overstimulation limit. If you feel you can’t be absent from anything, then make sure you choose some time to disconnect and de-compress, however that looks like for you. Maybe you choose to shut off your phone and computer, take a walk under a star filled night, do a yoga class, soak in a hot lavender induced bubble bath with a book, or just lie down on the floor and breathe. Everyone has their personal limit, so listen to your body (including your mind) and learn what yours is!

So there you are! Five tips to help keep you and your family healthy over the Christmas holiday. On behalf of LiV Personal Training Studio and Nutrition By Shirley, we extend you and your loved ones a very safe, fun filled and Merry Christmas, and that the year ahead rings in with joy, love and lots of blessings!


Move, Move, Move!

Healthy tip #4 is to get up and MOVE! Just because it’s the holidays doesn’t mean we have to sit on our butts the whole time! Maybe plan a walk every morning, or a workout at the gym. Gather your family together and go cut down your Christmas tree. Go for a hike, have a bonfire out back, co-ordinate a dance challenge after dinner….or just pull out Twister and do some stepping, reaching and twisting. The holidays need to include more movement, so find a way to bring it in, and have fun with it!


Never Show up EMPTY HANDED!

Healthy tip #3 is all about your next social gathering. You might still be feeling a bit full and bloated from the last 3 you attended this week already! You are really trying to keep your eating clean, but it’s just so darn hard! The food is so rich, and there’s so much of it! An easy solution for this is to insist on bringing a contribution to the meal. I always strive to bring a non-starchy vegetable dish or fruit platter. This way it insures there is something to eat that won’t leave you feeling like you just downed another load of heavy seasonal treats. And the amazing thing was, I wasn’t the only one who appreciated it!