Feel uneasy about going to or working out in a large impersonal gym?  Or simply been lost in all the gargin and mythology of weight loss and fitness?

In 2008 we created LiV Personal Training Studio.  For those looking for a private personal space to increase their level of health and fitness.

A place to learn how to bring body fat to a more healthy level, and most of all increase overall fitness.

We offer you/our clients a safe, fun and intimate exercise experience.

At LiV we realize that beginning a new exerciser program can be intimidating.
The struggle to get and remain healthy, mobile and pain free is real.
LiV’s fitness experience will help you set goals, meet, then exceed them.
Through coaching and proper guidance, you can expect amazing results!


– Experienced trainers in a private non-intimidating gym setting
– Initial consultation
– Health history  and Body Composition assessment
– Initial Functional Fitness Assessment
– Goal setting with realistic time frames and expectations
– Individual program design focused on real food choices

Take a moment and request more information about LiV.  Realize a strong, active, healthy body for your life.
With expert coaching and support let us guide you through smart nutrition and work-out programming.
Your desired fitness level – whether it be losing 10-15 lbs of unwanted body weight or overcoming pain and improving immobility.



$2000 Weight Loss GRANT


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